Data Driven Segmentation

Understand your customers better for a greater return

Data-driven segmentation enables you to understand your customers on another level. And, when you truly understand your customers – their behaviours, attitudes and drivers – this brings many benefits. From helping you spend your budget more wisely, to refining your propositions.

Customer segmentation is often the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. In a recent study, Mailchimp found that open rates were, on average, 14.31% higher for segmented campaigns compared to unsegmented campaigns.

So, if you want to engage your audience, segment your customers first for the best results.


Understand Different Customer Drivers

Different people are motivated by different concepts, and there will be a wide range of needs within your audience. By spotting trends and common behaviours across segments, you can begin to understand what drives your audience.

For example, you may notice that younger members of your audience did not respond to a particular communication. This then gives you an opportunity to try a different approach with this particular segment of customers.

If you know more about your customers’ drivers, this can also lead you to explore new markets or products that segments might want.

Improve Communications

By implementing a segmentation strategy, you can improve the relevancy and timeliness of your engagements. This in time will improve brand perception and loyalty.

It also means you can become more personalised with your engagements as you understand more about what different segments like and don’t like.

Reduce Marketing Wastage

Segmentation shines a light on audience behaviours, allowing you to be much more targeted and selective when it comes to spending your marketing budget.

Rather than gambling on blanket campaigns that don’t always hit the mark, you can reach out only to those who are highly likely to convert, saving you time and money.

Increase Return on Investment

Improved messaging and targeting mean increased return on your investment.

Whether that is subscription renewals, new purchases, or upselling to existing customers. Data-driven segmentation helps you to get the right message to the right person, at the right time, heightening your chance of success.


Data & Objectives - We’ll start out by looking at what data you have available and what your business objectives are. In an ideal world, you would have a 360-degree view of your customers, but we know this is often not the case, so we will explore what you do have and go from there.

Segmentation Method - There are a number of different ways to segment your customers depending on what is right for you and your business needs. You might want to segment using demographic data, such as age and gender. Or, you might want to group people according to their behaviour with your business. For example, Lifetime Value (LTV) or how regularly they buy from you (Recency, Frequency, Monetary). We’ll help you define the segmentation methodology that will work best for you.

Database Analysis - Next, is the actual data analysis. Our data experts will look at your customer demographics, attitudes, and behaviours as well as other data specific to your business to build clusters. Recognising trends across the data will help us segment your customers in the most sensible way, with your objectives in mind.

Creation of Personas - Creating personas is a way of bringing to life your range of customers and everything we have uncovered in the analysis stage. Once you are armed with this information, you can then plan different approaches to communications and campaigns which will resonate with these different personas.


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